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  • Last trade: $270.09USD
  • Volume: 0.54716215XBT
  • Low: $253.00USD
  • High: $270.09USD

Quadriga CX

Bitcoin Trading Platform

The most convenient way to trade Bitcoins

Same Day Funding & Withdrawal

  • INTERAC Online (instant funding)
  • Fund your account in person at our office!
  • Bank Wires, Western Union, and more!

Advanced Trading Platform

  • 0.5% Trading Fee
  • CAD/XBT Trading
  • USD/XBT Trading
  • XAU/XBT Trading


  • Encrypted Cold Storage
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Collaborative Security with Cloudflare
  • Collective Intelligent Threat Detection
  • Global Load Balanced Network


News Board

Downtime March 8th March 8th, 2015

We would like to apologize to all users affected by the downtime which occurred late March 8th. Our servers were hit by a severe DDOS attack which has since been mitigated. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

QuadrigaCX becomes official sponsor of CoinFest February 16th, 2015

QuadrigaCX has announced its official sponsorship of CoinFest 2015. Learn more at www.coinfest.org

Canadian Institute Payments Forum February 3rd, 2015

QuadrigaCX Founder & CEO Gerald Cotten to appear as a panelist at the Canadian Institute's Payments Forum on Feb 25-26th Click here to learn more.